GTA San Andreas Cheats

GTA San Andreas.

You have to enter these gta san andreas cheats while playing the game, the "Cheat Activated" message will be displayed.

Health and money gta san andreas cheats

HESOYAM - full health and armor. $250000.

BAGUVIX - almost infinite health.

CVWKXAM - infinite oxygen.

ANOSEONGLASS - adrenaline.

Weapons gta san andreas cheats

UZUMYMW - hevy weapons set.

KJKSZPJ or PROFESSIONALSKIT - middle weapons set.

LXGIWYL - light weapons set.

FULLCLIP or WANRLTW - infinite ammo. After this cheat there is no reload.

Police gta san andreas cheats

TURNDOWNTHEHEAT clears wanted level.

TURNUPTHEHEAT adds 2 star to the wanted level.

BRINGITON or LJSPQK - you get all stars.

AEZAKMI or IFIRSTDOZ - you never get any star. Cops just no longer care about your wretched existing.

Stats gta san andreas cheats

BTCDBCB - CJ becomes fat.

BUFFMEUP or JYSDSOD - max muscule.

KVGYZQK - CJ becomes skinny.

WORSHIPME - player gets max respect.

EHIBXQS or HELLOLADIES - max sex appeal.

VKYPQCF - you get max stamina for this cheat.

NATURALTALENT - you will get all wehicle skills maxed.

Vehicle spawn gta san andreas cheats

ROCKETMAN spawns Jetpack.

AIWPRTON spawns Rhino.

OLDSPEEDDEMON spawns Bloodring Banger.

JQNTDMH spawns Rancher.

VROCKPOKEY spawns Racecar.

VPJTQWV spawns Racecar #2.



TRUEGRIME spawns Trashmaster.

RZHSUEW spawns Caddy.

JUMPJET spawns Hydra.

KGGGDKP spawns Vortex Hovercraft.

AIYPWZQP spawns Parachute.

OHDUDE spawns Hunter.


AMOMHRER spawns Tanker Truck.

ITSALLBULL spawns Dozer.

FLYINGTOSTUNT spawns Stunt Plane.

MONSTERMASH spawns Monster.

Vehicle gta san andreas cheats

CPKTNWT - all cars in san andreas blow up.

STICKLIKEGLUE improves handling.

WHEELSONLYPLEASE - cars become invisible.

ZEIIVG - green lights on all streets in San Andreas.

YLTEICZ - aggressive drivers.

FLYINGFISH - boats can fly.


JCNRUAD - cars blows up when hit.

SPEEDFREAK - all cars have nitro.

BUBBLECARS - cars float away when hit.

OUIQDMW - free aim while driving cars.

GHOSTTOWN reduces traffic.

FVTMNBZ turns all traffic to county vehicles.

IOWDLAC - all cars are black.

LLQPFBN - all cars are pink.

Gameplay gta san andreas cheats

AJLOJYQY - people attack each other.

BAGOWPG - people attack you.

FOOOXFT - everyone gets a weapon.


BLUESUEDESHOES - everyone is Elvis.

BGLUAWML - people attack you with weapon.

LIFESABEACH - everyone wears beach clothes.

ONLYHOMIESALLOWED - all people are gang members.

BIFBUZZ - gangs control the streets.

NINJATOWN - everyone is a ninja.

BEKKNQV - girls follow you around.

CJPHONEHOME - huge bunny hop cheating.

KANGAROO - mega jumps.


CRAZYTOWN - funhouse.

SJMAHPE - you can recruit anyone.

ROCKETMAYHEM - you can recruit anyone and he will have rockets.

Time & weather gta san andreas cheats

SPEEDITUP - faster gameplay.

SLOWITDOWN - slower gameplay.

YSOHNUL - faster clock.

NIGHTPROWLER - always midnight.

OFVIAC - orange sky 21:00.

SCOTTISHSUMMER - thunderstorm.

CWJXUOC - sandstorm.


TOODAMNHOT - extremly sunny.

ALNSFMZO - overcast weather.

AUIFRVQS - starts raining.

CFVFGMJ - foggy weather.