GTA 4 Cheats

GTA 4 is a game released for PC, PS3 and XBox 360 in 2008. Here are the cheats for this amazing game.

You have to use Niko's cell phone to enter gta 4 cheats. When gta 4 cheats are entered properly, the "Cheat Activated" message will be displayed.

Health gta 4 cheats

362-555-0100 or DOC-555-0100 - full health and armor. This cheat restores Niko's health and armor to its maximum.

482-555-0100 or GTA-555-0100 - full health and weapons. This gta 4 cheat restores main gta charakter's health and gives him some weapons.

Weapon gta 4 cheats

486-555-0150 or GUN-555-0150 - weapons set #1. Niko will get knife, pistol, micro SMG, molotovs, pump shotgun, combat sniper, assault rifle and RPG for this gta 4 cheating.

486-555-0100 or GUN-555-0100 - weapons set #2. Niko will get baseball bat, combat pistol, SMG, grenades, combat shotgun, combat sniper, carbine rifle and RPG.

Police gta 4 cheats

267-555-0100 or COP-555-0100 removes wanted level. All police stars will be lost.

267-555-0150 or COP-555-0150 adds 1 star to the wanted level.

Weather gta 4 cheats

468-555-0100 or HOT-555-0100 changes weather and brightness. This gta 4 cheat selects one of eight different weather types in GTA 4.

Vehicle gta 4 cheats

359-555-0100 or FLY-555-0100 spawns Annihilator. An Annihilator helicopter is spawned in front of Niko.

938-555-0100 or WET-555-0100 spawns Jetmax. A Jetmax boat appears near the player.

227-555-0100 or CAR-555-0100 spawns FIB Buffalo.

227-555-0175 or CAR-555-0175 spawns Comet.

227-555-0147 or CAR-555-0147 spawns Turismo.

227-555-0142 or CAR-555-0142 spawns Cognoscenti.

227-555-0168 or CAR-555-0168 spawns Super GT.

625-555-0100 or MBK-555-0100 spawns NRG-900 bike.

625-555-0150 or MBK-555-0150 spawns Sanchez bike.

Remember that cheating makes GTA 4 only better, but using gta 4 cheats can make unreachable some game achievements and 100% completion of gta 4. Do not save the game after using cheats.