GTA 3 Cheats

GTA 3 is the first 3D gta game. GTA 3 was released in 2001.

You should enter gta 3 cheats during the gameplay, you can press ESC for a pause in Gta 3 and enter the cheat code then to make sure nobody kills you while you are busy cheating. Gta 3 cheats are not case-sensitive.

Main gta 3 cheats

GESUNDHEIT - full health. This cheat restores health to maximum.

TURTOISE or TORTOISE - full armor. Player gets max armor.

GUNSGUNSGUNS - weapon cheat. Player gets all weapons.

IFIWEREARICHMAN - money cheat. You will have $250000.

Police gta 3 cheats

NOPOLICEPLEASE removes all police stars.

MOREPOLICEPLEASE adds 1 star to the wanted level.

NOBODYLIKESME - people start to attack you.

ITSALLGOINGMAAAD - people start to attack each other.

WEAPONSFORALL - crazy people with weapons.

Vehicle gta 3 cheats

GIVEUSATANK spawns a tank near you.

BANGBANGBANG blows up all cars in GTA 3.

CORNERSLIKEMAD - driving skills cheat. You can corner better.

CHITTYCHITTYBB - cars can fly. This gta 3 cheat makes it possible to fly over the bridge from one island to another.

ANICESETOFWHEELS - cars become invisible.

Weather gta 3 cheats

SKINCANCERFORME - clear weather.

ILIKESCOTLAND - cloudy weather.

ILOVESCOTLAND - rainy weather.

PEASOUP - foggy weather.

Time gta 3 cheats

TIMEFLIESWHENYOU speeds up gameplay in GTA 3.

BOOOOORING - slow motion.

MADWEATHER - speeds up time.

Other gta 3 cheats

ILIKEDRESSINGUP changes charakter's outfit.